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As a staff, we would like to sincerely thank the Governance Council and all those who donated funds, materials, time and talent to the recent Staff Room remodel.  Thanks to your valiant efforts, and the keen leadership of Kelly Morton, we now have a space that is both functional and a real retreat.  Thank you so very much!

opening pics

Office Staff

Amy Stanger, Principal

Tina Hensley, Office Manager

Norma Perez, Health Assistant and Attendance Clerk

Alicia King, District Nurse

Our Staff

Teaching Staff

Michelle Texeira, Room 13, Kindergarten-First Grade

Anna Sanchez, Room 8, Kindergarten-First Grade

Tina Mann, Room 9, Kindergarten-First Grade

Lenora Hester, Room 7, Kindergarten-First Grade

Kelly Diaz and Shanna Singleton, Room 5, First-Second Grade

Dawn Derleth, Room 6, Second-Third Grade

Melissa Jackson, Room 10, Second-Third Grade

Ernesto Ramirez, Room 11, Second-Third Grade

Rebekah Raki, Room 12, Second -Third Grade

Jennifer Karmon, Room 1, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Grade

Leslie Wallace, Room 2,  Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Grade

Lydia Hernandez, Room 3, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Grade

Lisa Schuster and Diana Fenner, Room 4, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Grade

Katherine Gregory, Room 17, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Grade

Jessica Marchant, Room 18, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Grade

Talia Bowman, Teacher on Special Assignment

Specialized Instruction

Susan Holstrom, Educational Specialist, RSP

Sandy Alfaro, RSP support staff

Patricia Meza, RSP support staff

Nicole Chavez, RSP support staff

Elizabeth Seguy, Speech and Language

Leslie Roberts, Speech and Language support staff

Shanna Singleton, Intervention

Noon Support Staff

Susan Headley

Lis Descombes

Josie Gallo

Support Staff

Nora Romero, Cafeteria Manager

Lis Descombes, Librarian

Mary Town, Art Teacher

Irene Vargas, Day Custodian

Dereck Mann, Night Custodian